Quality and Environmental Policy

What We Care About

Our quality and environmental policy is based on the aim of delivering our projects appropriately, safely and at the best quality, on time and without harming the environment.

Elektrakom Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

As a leading brand, our company is established for efficient and correct use of energy that adds value to our country, with a corporate structure based on principles of accountability, transparency, and fairness as well as ensuring the reliability and competence of all our employees. 

As ELEKTRAKOM, we prioritize quality in all our activities with the value we convey to our employees, our consciousness and love for the environment. Our working principle is to provide long-term and deep-rooted solutions and we carry out management processes in accordance with ethical values based on our social responsibility awareness at the corporate level. 

We work for the followings:

  • to properly complete the review processes to ensure the highest quality for all our solutions,
  • to ensure that our activities are based on sustainability and a quality-oriented approach,
  • to ensure full compliance with the Quality Management System by providing relevant training to our employees on risk prevention methods. 

Environmental Policy

Our company aims to create value for society by adopting environmentally friendly policies and following sectoral developments in order to promote the use of renewable energy sources. Thanks to our team who has great experience in the sector and closely follows scientific developments, our goal is to provide the best services. We carry out our activities following the environmental regulations as well as our corporate environmental policy based on an environmentally friendly approach. 

Our goals are: 

  • to comply with the environmental legislation regulations related to our activities,
  • to pay attention to recycling,
  • to enhance environmental protection with the principle of sustainability,
  • to ensure that our employees, suppliers, and subcontractors have awareness towards environment and regulations, and
  • to ensure the environmentally friendly recycling of wastes.
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